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Biznest Bazaar provides a marketplace where individuals or aspiring entrepreneurs can browse and search for various Businesses, Franchises & dealerships in Nepal that are available for sale..

Sell a Business/Franchise/Dealership

Biznest Bazaar offers a platform to showcase businesses, franchises, and dealerships for sale in Nepal to a wide range of potential buyers.

Hire a Professional

Biznest Bazaar also helps you connect with professionals to seek help in the process of buying or selling businesses, franchises, and dealerships in Nepal.

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Business listings

Comprehensive and user-friendly platform where individuals and organisations can list their business for sale.

Franchise Marketplace

Hub for franchise seekers to explore a wise range of franchising options.

Business Valuation & Due Diligence

Business valuation and due diligence services to help sellers and buyers for fair market value and decision making.

Consultancy and Support

consultancy services to clients seeking expert advice on various aspects of business transactions.